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GTK+ is part of the GNOME CVS repository. At the current time, any
person with write access to the GNOME repository, can make changes to
GTK+. This is a good thing, in that it encourages many people to work
on GTK+, and progress can be made quickly. However, GTK+ is a fairly
large and complicated package that many other things depend on, so to
avoid unnecessary breakage, and to take advantage of the knowledge
about GTK+ that has been built up over the last 18 months, we'd like
to ask people commiting to GTK+ to follow a few rules:

0) Ask first. If your changes are major, or could possibly break existing
   code, you should always ask. If your change is minor and you've
   been working on GTK+ for a while it probably isn't necessary
   to ask. But when in doubt, ask. Even if your change is correct,
   somebody may know a better way to do things.

   If you are making changes to GTK+, you should be subscribed
   to (Subscription address: This is a good place to ask
   about intended changes. 

   If you just want to make a trivial change, and don't want to subscribe, 
   you can also mail Or, alternatively, you can look in 
   the ChangeLog for somebody who has been making changes to the file 
   you want to change and email them.

   #gimp on byxnet (,,, also a good place to find GTK+ developers to
   discuss changes with, however, email to gtk-devel-list is the most
   certain and preferred method.

1) Ask _first_.

2) There must be a ChangeLog for every commit. (If you discover that
   you only committed half the files you meant to and need to fix that
   up, or something, you don't need a new ChangeLog entry. But in general,
   ChangeLog entries are mandatory.) Changes with out ChangeLog entries
   will be reverted.

3) There _must_ be a ChangeLog for every commit.


* If you are going to be changing many files in an experimental fashion,
  it probably is a good idea to create a separate branch for your changes.

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* The ChangeLog entries should preferrably match in date format
  with the existing entries. You can set how emacs does this
  by using customize mode:

  - M-x customize
  - set Programming/Tools/ChangeLog/Add Log Time Format to
    'Old Format'

 Or, set the add-log-time-format to 'current-time-string in
 your .emacs file.

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