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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.1.0:

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* Significant speedups to widget creation and destruction through caching
  colormap and visual queries to the XServer.
* Speedups for type creation and especially gtk_type_is_a() checks.
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* Speedups in signal lookup, creation and emissions and connection handling.
* Additions to the signal handling API (e.g. *_emitv).
* Minor speedups with object data allocation and destruction.
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* Support for rc-file reparsing.
* Resizing logic is now implemented on container widget basis, rather than
  for toplevel GtkWindows only.
* Buttons support relief styles now.
* Some widgets are now allocated through memchunks to behave more memory wise.
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Tim Janik committed
* Newly included file gtkfeatures.h which defines compatibility macros to
  test for certain API features upon program compilation.
* New widget GtkCTree
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* New widget GtkFontSelector.
* GtkTables are now fully resizable.
* New container widget GtkPacker.
* New object GtkItemFactory, GtkMenuFactory is deprecated.
* Far better support for widget arguments.
* Child arguments support for container widgets.
* Removed GtkAcceleratorTable in favour of GtkAccelGroup, accelerator display
  is now performed by a new widget GtkAccelLabel.
* Runtime information is available to query enum/flag definition values.
* Upgrade to libtool-1.2
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Tim Janik committed
* Legions of bug fixes, including one that fixed a major memory leak
  in 1.0.0.