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Prepare for 0.3.3 release

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2008-01-28 Atsushi SAKAI <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Fix ZRLE encoding where multiple palette sizes of different lengths
occur in a single update.
[3bf6fb00d105] [tip]
2008-01-27 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Change vnc-auth-credentials to a POINTER instead of a PARAM.
Newer versions of gtk are enforcing that PARMs are actually PARAMs
so this was triggering an assert. We switch to POINTER to avoid
breaking the ABI.
2008-01-25 Richard W.M. Jones <>
* plugin/README:
After some discussion here about plugin security, this documents
what we think are the potential vulnerabilities of letting an
unconstrained plugin live in your browser
2008-01-21 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/blt1.h, src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.h,
src/coroutine_gthread.c, src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/gvnc.c,
src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
Clarify license to be LGPLv2 or later.
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Make sure to free coroutine after it exits
2008-01-16 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Print a debug message when receive an unknown message
2008-01-15 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* examples/gvncviewer.c, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c:
Hide password characters in auth text entry (Rich Jones)
2008-01-14 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
When doing pixel math, we have to take endianness into account.
This sucks for performance :-/
* src/gvnc.c:
Fix case where client byte order != server byte order
2008-01-11 Richard W.M. Jones <>
* .hgignore, plugin/, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c, plugin/gtk-
vnc-plugin.h, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/test.html:
This patch contains further fixes to the browser plugin:
(1) As Dan suggested, use -module -avoid-version. This still
installs a static library and the linker script, both of which are
unhelpful to have in the plugins directory, so I have to delete them
by hand. Couldn't see any option in the libtool info to not have it
build or install those.
(2) Use the global ENABLE_DEBUG setting to turn on/off debug
(3) Move the debug() function into a common header file.
(4) Include test.html, which I missed out from the first patch.
(5) Put #if 1 ... #endif around the Gtk toolkit test. I'll probably
remove this test altogether in future since (in theory) XEmbed
should let you embed a widget from any toolkit in any other toolkit,
so this test doesn't really matter.
2008-01-11 Jonh Wendell <>
Output configure summary
2008-01-11 Anthony Liguori <>
* plugin/, plugin/README, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c, plugin
/gtk-vnc-plugin.h, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/npunix.c:
Add the files from the plugin patch. Sorry about that!
2008-01-11 Richard W.M. Jones <>
* .hgignore,,
Gtk-VNC browser plugin.
2008-01-10 Richard W.M. Jones <>
* src/gvnc.c:
This patch detects if the server responds with (illegal) VNC
protocol version "3.6" and negotiates version 3.3.
(This fix actually supplied for me by Dan Berrange ...)
2008-01-10 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/gvnc.c:
uint8_t's are always greater than 0 and less than 255. Removing
these checks keeps GCC happy.
2008-01-10 Halton Huo <>
* src/gvnc.c:
suncc does not range case for swith statement.
2008-01-10 Richard W.M. Jones <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
If you call one of the vnc_display_open* functions followed quickly
by vnc_display_close, then the library segfaults.
The reason is that the vnc_display_open* functions register an idle
callback to launch the coroutine, but if vnc_display_close is called
before the idle loop has had a moment to run, this idle callback
remains. The coroutine later runs - in my case, after the plugin
I'm writing has been unmapped from memory, with unhappy
The attached patch fixes this by remembering the callback ID and
unregistering it if necessary.
2008-01-09 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Track keystate & send fake events for GTK key-repeat flaw & to reset
state on focus out
2008-01-01 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Relax the jpeg compression a bit.
* NEWS, src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Add support for Tight encoding. Also add an interface to enable the
use of lossy-encodings such as the Tight JPEG encoding.
2007-12-30 Anthony Liguori <>
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.2 for changeset 978cb4791ef2
2007-12-28 Anthony Liguori <>
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.2-rc0 for changeset ae93c84b5fc8
[978cb4791ef2] [release-0.3.2]
* src/gvnc.c:
Client cut text should used buffered writes to avoid race conditions
since it may be called while the coroutine is blocked on IO.
[ae93c84b5fc8] [release-0.3.2-rc0]
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.2-rc0 for changeset b4006353448c
Update news and prepare for 0.3.2
* ChangeLog:
Update ChangeLog
*,, src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c,
Add support for ZRLE encoding
[ad7c87b9d94a] [tip]
Update news
Jan XX, 2008: Release 0.3.3
Jan 2, 2008: Release 0.3.3
Bug fixes:
o Track keystates to reset keyboard state on focus out (Daniel Berrange)
o Fix SEGV in vnc_display_close (Rich Jones)
o Compiler fixes for suncc (Halton Huo)
o More UltraVNC compatibility (Rich Jones)
o Big endian fixes (Anthony Liguori)
o Hide password characters in gvncviewer (Rich Jones)
o More debug on protocol error (Jonh Wendell)
o Fix SEGV on coroutine free (Anthony Liguori)
o Fix ZRLE encoding (Atsushi SAKAI)
New features:
Support for the Tight encoding has been added along with a new interface
(vnc_display_set_lossy_encoding) to enable the lossy feature of Tight.
o Support got Tight encoding (Anthony Liguori)
o Mozilla browser plugin (Rich Jones)
o Output configure summary (Jonh Wendell)
Dec 31, 2007: Release 0.3.2
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([gtk-vnc], [0.3.2], [])
AC_INIT([gtk-vnc], [0.3.3], [])
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_HEADERS([config.h:config.hin])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(gtk-vnc, 0.3.2)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(gtk-vnc, 0.3.3)
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