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Prepare for 0.3.5 release

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2008-04-04 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Maintain the consistency: create with g_strdup, free with g_free
[c7ef79a435a6] [tip]
2008-04-03 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
*, examples/gvncviewer.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Fixed z-buffer depth to avoid rendering ontop of other windows.
Enable scaling in gvncviewer if not composited
2008-04-03 Jonh Wendell <>
* plugin/
Dropped DEBUG_CFLAGS from plugin/, noticed by Richard
W.M. Jones
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Use g_strdup() instead of strdup() in vnc_display_open_host(): It
doesn't crash if we pass NULL as argument.
2008-04-02 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/continuation.c:
Fix makecontext() for 64-bit args
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
Fixed endianness conversions. Disable ZRLE for broken pixel depths.
Fix CPIXEL size calculations
2008-04-02 Atsushi SAKAI <>
* src/x_keymap.h:
This fixes following warnings about x_keymap. x_keymap.c:149:
warning: no previous prototype for 'x_keymap_set_keymap_entries'
x_keymap.c:162: warning: no previous prototype for
At this moment, all compile warnings are cleanuped by this patch.
2008-04-01 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Re-checked protocol version negotiation
* src/gvnc.c:
Added a workaround to work with AppleVNCServer, based on patch from
Jin Choi
* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Fix some warnings, patch from Atsushi SAKAI
2008-03-30 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Changed debug output in protocol initialization
2008-03-29 Jonh Wendell <>
*, examples/gvncviewer.c, src/, src/libgtk-
vnc_sym.version, src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Changed debug behavior.
Dropped --enable-debug flag in configure stage. We always build with
debug framework.
Also, we use GLib to generate debug messages, through g_debug()
function, and we provide a new public symbol,
vnc_display_get_option_group(), to be used with the GLib's command
line parser, GOptionContext.
2008-03-25 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
Use GLib's G_N_ELEMENTS instead of our ARRAY_SIZE macro
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Added GObject properties
2008-03-19 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Fix multiple big-endian conversion bugs
2008-03-19 Atsushi SAKAI <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
This is code clean up of "{" location.
2008-03-15 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Put more debug output
2008-03-14 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
branches merged
* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Added _get() for various properties
2008-03-14 Hiroyuki Kaguchi <>
* src/vncdisplay.c, src/x_keymap.c:
This patch fixes compilation warnings for ISO_Left_Tab feature.
2008-03-12 Hiroyuki Kaguchi <>
* src/vncdisplay.c, src/x_keymap.c, src/x_keymap.h:
I make the patch that applied your two indications. Moreover, this
patch contains the fix of two bugs and a modification besides the
The change points from the last patch:
1)Use GDK key symbols instead of X11 key symbols.
2)Remove CR characters.
3)Make keycode conversion function.
- I make the keycode conversion function on "x_keymap.c".
4)Modify structure used for keycode conversion.
- The type of the keycodes member variable is changed from "guint*"
to "GdkKeymapKey*".
5)Modify getting timing and release timing of keymap entries.
- Because "g_free" function is not called on the last patch, the
memory leak is done.
2008-03-11 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Propagate key press events. This is needed for kvm-test.
* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Add accessor to determine if widget is in absolute mode. This is
needed by kvm-test.
2008-03-07 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
branch merge
2008-03-07 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Don't setup gl textures if display isn't active
2008-03-06 Atsushi SAKAI <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
This patch changes endian definition from endian.h to gtypes.h.
A.L. also remove endian.h include
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
fix typos
2008-03-05 Anthony Liguori <>
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 313620c58d69
Update news for release
[313620c58d69] [release-0.3.4]
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset a1fb42cb7694
2008-03-05 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
Add missing BuildRequires for gnutls/gtkglext. Add sub-package for
mozilla plugin (disabled by default)
Make check for mozilla-plugin pkgconfig file for
Firefox 3 build compatabiltiy
2008-03-02 Anthony Liguori <>
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 96433efe0e7d
* src/vncdisplay.c:
We don't use tex_max so let's not query it for now.
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset fa6db40bad43
* ChangeLog, NEWS,, examples/gvncviewer.c,
Prepare for release and also make gtkgl usage transparent.
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 7ea3a341f452
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 09836ab4d17a
[7ea3a341f452] [tip]
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Fixup cursor grab so that it works properly in relative mode.
[09836ab4d17a] [release-0.3.4]
* src/vncdisplay.c:
For the Hardy release cycle, Ubuntu seems to be building some
Apr 6, 2008: Release 0.3.5
Bug fixes:
o Use g_malloc/g_strdup/g_free (Jonh Wendell)
o Fix z-buffer depth when using scaling (Dan Berrange)
o Fix makecontext() for 64-bit hosts (Dan Berrange)
o Fix more endianness issues (Dan Berrange)
o Fix various compile warnings (Atsushi SAKAI)
o Be more flexible in protocol version negotation (Jonh Wendell, Jin Choi)
o Work-arounds for ISO_Left_Tab (Hiroyuki Kaguchi)
o Propagate ke press events (Anthony Liguori)
New features:
o Use glib for debugging and always enable it (Jonh Wendell)
o GObject properties (Jonh Wendell)
o Accessor to determine if we're in absolute mode (Anthony Liguori)
Mar 5, 2008: Release 0.3.4
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([gtk-vnc], [0.3.4], [])
AC_INIT([gtk-vnc], [0.3.5], [])
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_HEADERS([config.h:config.hin])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(gtk-vnc, 0.3.4)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(gtk-vnc, 0.3.5)
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