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2007-09-13 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Remove unused variable
[1873728651cc] [tip]
* NEWS,,
Prepare for 0.2.0 release
* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h,
src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncmarshal.txt:
Added signals for authentication failure reports & desktop resizes
2007-09-10 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h:
Support VINO's TLS auth method
2007-09-01 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Added some paranoid checkings before free() the things
2007-08-31 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Hook into destroy method to do shutdown of GVNC couroutine. Keep a
ref on vncdisplay, so widget isn't finalized unless the GVNC
coroutine is complete
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Monitor IO errors & close socket when shutting down to interrupt
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Get graceful shutdown working correctly (ie interrupting & waking up
message thread)
2007-08-31 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Added a destructor for VncDisplay widget
* .hgignore:
Added some ignored files to hgignore
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Uses g_signal_connect() instead of gtk_signal_connect()
2007-08-31 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
Added impl of xcursor and richcursor encodings for OSX-VNC and
TightVNC compatability
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
Fix decoding of mixed colour depths between client & server
2007-08-29 Jonh Wendell <>
*, src/, src/gvnc.c, src/utils.h:
Enable debugging messages
2007-08-22 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Clear excess space in widget
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
Fixed handling of shifts for BGR displays and mixed endian client vs
* src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
typedef the enums to aid API readability/docs generation
* examples/
Fix offf by one in argv use
2007-08-15 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* .hgtags:
Added tag release-0.1.0 for changeset 87259132efca
Update version to 0.1.0 for release
[87259132efca] [release-0.1.0]
* src/
Fix makefile rule for python bindings to install in lib64 on x86_64
2007-08-13 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Merge heads
2007-08-01 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
Changed boolean functions (which use gvnc_has_error) to return FALSE
when failure
2007-08-13 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/,
src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Added support for TLS related credentials
2007-07-30 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Fixed up handling of TLS i/o functions
* src/gvnc.c:
Only print GNU TLS debug if debug level > 1
* src/gvnc.c:
Remove hardcoded hostname & use user supplied hostname in
certificate validation
2007-07-20 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h,
src/vncshmimage.c, src/vncshmimage.h:
Added API for taking a screenshot
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Fixed typo in conditional test
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/gvnc.c,
src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c,
src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
Added more general purpose authentication API
* examples/, examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/,
src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Refactor GVNC open/close lifecycle APIs
2007-07-19 Anthony Liguori <>
*, examples/, examples/gvncviewer.c:
[PATCH] Enhance gvncviewer a bit This patch adds the following to
1) install by default 2) make title consistently displayed 3) make
the VNC session part of the title 4) use a command line syntax more
common with vnc viewers
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>
* merge
Line up the output of ./configure --help and correct a typo
2007-07-18 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* Merge
2007-07-18 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/gvnc.c:
Buffer client messages to avoid race condition when write() blocks.
2007-07-18 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
vnc_sym.version, src/vnc.override, src/vncdisplay.c,
Added vnc_display_send_keys API & example usage
2007-07-15 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
Run automated builds with -Werror enabled
* src/
Disable verbose compiler warnings for python module - the auto-
generated code is crap
2007-07-12 Anthony Liguori <>
* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version:
* src/, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version:
Expose GVNC in libgtk-vnc-1.0
This patch exposes gvnc as part of the public API for libgtk-vnc.
We won't considered this a supported API for the first release. I'm
using this lower level API at the moment to build an automation
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>
2007-07-10 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* src/vncdisplay.c:
Fixed keycode -> keysym conversion wrt to modifier state
* src/continuation.c, src/coroutine.c:
Fix coroutine cleanup/release
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Allow local pointer hiding to be configurable
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Add APIs for keyboard & pointer grab policy
* src/gvnc.c:
Treat EHOSTUNREACH as non-fatal connection error
2007-07-04 "Daniel P. Berrange <>
* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/blt.h,
src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Separate creation of gvnc object, from connect opening. Add ability
to free/cleanup object & notify upon disconnect
* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
Use constants for framebuffer encodings
*,, examples/,
examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/,
Added really simple example programs in both C & python
* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
Allow connecting based on a host & port, vs a filedescriptor
* src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.c,
src/coroutine.h, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
Tidy whitespace & put emacs formatting rules at bottom of files
* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncmodule.c,
Fixed a number of compiler warnings
* .hgignore, AUTHORS, COPYING.LIB, COPYING.lib, ChangeLog, MANIFEST,, NEWS, README, acinclude.m4,,,,,,,, src/Makefile, src/, src/gen-vnc.defs.c, src
/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vnc.defs, src/vnc.override,
Switched over to using automake/conf/libtool. Added pkgconfig data
file. Added linker script to control library symbols
2007-06-20 Jonh Wendell <>
* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
......@@ -5,7 +306,7 @@
- Created a vnc-initialized signal
- Made small changes in order to work with ultravnc, which reports rfb
[0a645e462b27] [tip]
2007-02-24 Anthony Liguori <>
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