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mkdb: Make transfer annotation tooltips less ambiguous

See merge request !44
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......@@ -155,10 +155,10 @@ AnnotationDefinition = {
'scope notified': "The callback is valid until the GDestroyNotify argument is called.",
'set-value-func': "The specified function is used to convert from a struct to a GValue, must be a GTypeInstance.",
'skip': "Exposed in C code, not necessarily available in other languages.",
'transfer container': "Free data container after the code is done.",
'transfer container': "The caller owns the data container, but not the data inside it.",
'transfer floating': "Alias for <acronym>transfer none</acronym>, used for objects with floating refs.",
'transfer full': "Free data after the code is done.",
'transfer none': "Don't free data after the code is done.",
'transfer full': "The caller owns the data, and is responsible for free it.",
'transfer none': "The data is owned by the callee, which is responsible of freeing it.",
'type': "Override the parsed C type with given type.",
'unref-func': "The specified function is used to unref a struct, must be a GTypeInstance.",
'virtual': "This is the invoker for a virtual method.",
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