Commit fa8ae216 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega

fixed crash when deleting files if moving to trash is not possible

parent 8765cb91
......@@ -805,19 +805,23 @@ gth_file_mananger_trash_files (GtkWindow *window,
GList *file_list /* GthFileData list */)
TrashData *tdata;
GList *files;
GthTask *task;
tdata = g_new0 (TrashData, 1);
tdata->window = window;
tdata->files = gth_file_data_list_to_file_list (file_list);
tdata->files = gth_file_data_list_dup (file_list);
task = gth_trash_task_new (tdata->files);
files = gth_file_data_list_to_file_list (file_list);
task = gth_trash_task_new (files);
g_signal_connect (task,
G_CALLBACK (trash_task_completed_cb),
gth_browser_exec_task (GTH_BROWSER (window), task, GTH_TASK_FLAGS_IGNORE_ERROR);
_g_object_list_unref (files);
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