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    do not call show_all on the main table. · 0a4a3acb
    Paolo Bacchilega authored
    2006-04-08  Paolo Bacchilega  <paobac@cvs.gnome.org>
    	* libgthumb/gth-nav-window.c (gth_nav_window_construct): do not call
    	show_all on the main table.
    	* libgthumb/gth-image-list.c (truncate_comment_if_needed): realize
    	the widget if needed.
    	* configure.in: requires gtk+ 2.8
    	* src/gth-browser.c (go_to_folder_after_image_loaded): load the folder
    	even after an error.
    	* src/gth-window-actions-callbacks.c
    	(gth_window_activate_action_help_about): simplify about dialog.
    	* src/main.c (initialize_data):
    	* data/Makefile.am (install-data-hook):
    	* data/gthumb.desktop.in (Icon): Install theme-friendly icons
    	* autogen.sh: set REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION to 1.8; added
    	* src/dlg-web-exporter.c (install_theme__ok_cb): use get_filename
    	instead of get_uri.
    	(theme_dialog__install_theme_clicked): the user have to choose a file
    	from here, not a folder; set home as current folder.