Commit fdcb645d authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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image viewer: fixed curos pointer disappering

parent 9dec2e3d
......@@ -1173,12 +1173,9 @@ gth_image_viewer_page_real_show_pointer (GthViewerPage *base,
self = (GthImageViewerPage *) base;
if (! gth_browser_get_is_fullscreen (self->priv->browser))
if (show)
gth_image_viewer_show_cursor (GTH_IMAGE_VIEWER (self->priv->viewer));
else if (gth_browser_get_is_fullscreen (self->priv->browser))
gth_image_viewer_hide_cursor (GTH_IMAGE_VIEWER (self->priv->viewer));
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