Commit e6a1bbe4 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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removed the frame from the thumbnail list

it is not needed with the dark theme
parent dc0cf1a2
......@@ -636,7 +636,6 @@ gth_file_list_construct (GthFileList *file_list,
/* the file view */
file_list->priv->scrolled_window = gtk_scrolled_window_new (NULL, NULL);
gtk_scrolled_window_set_shadow_type (GTK_SCROLLED_WINDOW (file_list->priv->scrolled_window), GTK_SHADOW_ETCHED_IN);
file_list->priv->vadj = gtk_scrolled_window_get_vadjustment (GTK_SCROLLED_WINDOW (file_list->priv->scrolled_window));
g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (file_list->priv->vadj),
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