Commit a54d2b6d authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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fixed crash when the image is smaller than the preview area

parent 910b2d27
......@@ -228,10 +228,10 @@ apply_cb (gpointer user_data)
cairo_t *cr;
sharpen_data = sharpen_data_new (self);
x = gtk_adjustment_get_value (preview->hadj);
y = gtk_adjustment_get_value (preview->vadj);
w = gtk_adjustment_get_page_size (preview->hadj);
h = gtk_adjustment_get_page_size (preview->vadj);
x = MAX (gtk_adjustment_get_value (preview->hadj), 0);
y = MAX (gtk_adjustment_get_value (preview->vadj), 0);
w = MIN (gtk_adjustment_get_page_size (preview->hadj), cairo_image_surface_get_width (self->priv->source));
h = MIN (gtk_adjustment_get_page_size (preview->vadj), cairo_image_surface_get_height (self->priv->source));
cairo_surface_destroy (self->priv->destination);
self->priv->destination = _cairo_image_surface_copy (self->priv->source);
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