Commit 8dba4f53 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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save the application name in the Exif.Image.ProcessingSoftware tag

the Exif.Image.Software contains the name and version of the firmware of
the camera as described here:
parent b97e5c14
......@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ exiv2_write_metadata_private (Exiv2::Image::AutoPtr image,
if (g_file_info_get_attribute_boolean (info, "gth::file::image-changed")) {
if (software_name == NULL)
software_name = g_strconcat (g_get_application_name (), " ", VERSION, NULL);
ed["Exif.Image.Software"] = software_name;
ed["Exif.Image.ProcessingSoftware"] = software_name;
// Update the dimension tags with actual image values
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