Commit 807ff03e authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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fixed headerbar buttons not shown correctly after activating a tool

parent 79cfcefe
......@@ -3029,6 +3029,8 @@ toolbox_options_visibility_cb (GthToolbox *toolbox,
gboolean toolbox_options_visible,
GthBrowser *browser)
_gth_browser_update_header_bar_content (browser);
if (toolbox_options_visible) {
GtkWidget *file_tool;
......@@ -3049,8 +3051,6 @@ toolbox_options_visibility_cb (GthToolbox *toolbox,
_gtk_container_remove_children (GTK_CONTAINER (browser->priv->header_sections[GTH_BROWSER_HEADER_SECTION_EDITOR_COMMANDS]), NULL, NULL);
_gth_browser_update_header_bar_content (browser);
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