Commit 7eae5f65 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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mark the file as not modified when discarding the changes

parent d4d337c5
......@@ -1865,8 +1865,8 @@ static void
ask_whether_to_save__done (AskSaveData *data,
gboolean cancelled)
if (cancelled && (data->browser->priv->current_file != NULL))
g_file_info_set_attribute_boolean (data->browser->priv->current_file->info, "gth::file::is-modified", TRUE);
if (data->browser->priv->current_file != NULL)
g_file_info_set_attribute_boolean (data->browser->priv->current_file->info, "gth::file::is-modified", cancelled);
if (data->callback != NULL)
(*data->callback) (data->browser, cancelled, data->user_data);
g_free (data);
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