Commit 70edb9c4 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega

fixed list tool actions sensitivity at startup

Call the gth-browser-selection-changed hook at start-up time
to disable the list tool actions.
parent 88c42837
......@@ -3774,6 +3774,7 @@ _gth_browser_construct_step2 (gpointer user_data)
_gth_browser_monitor_entry_points (browser);
gth_hook_invoke ("gth-browser-construct-idle-callback", browser);
gth_hook_invoke ("gth-browser-selection-changed", browser, 0);
if (data->file_to_select != NULL)
gth_browser_go_to (browser, data->location, data->file_to_select);
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