Commit 56af8fe4 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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make sure tool options are visibile when a tool is activated

parent 842440b0
......@@ -83,11 +83,9 @@ file_tools__gth_browser_file_list_key_press_cb (GthBrowser *browser,
tool = (GthFileTool *) gth_toolbox_get_tool (GTH_TOOLBOX (toolbox), GTH_TYPE_FILE_TOOL_ROTATE_LEFT);
case GDK_KEY_C:
gth_browser_show_viewer_tools (browser);
tool = (GthFileTool *) gth_toolbox_get_tool (GTH_TOOLBOX (toolbox), GTH_TYPE_FILE_TOOL_CROP);
case GDK_KEY_S:
gth_browser_show_viewer_tools (browser);
tool = (GthFileTool *) gth_toolbox_get_tool (GTH_TOOLBOX (toolbox), GTH_TYPE_FILE_TOOL_RESIZE);
......@@ -3042,6 +3042,8 @@ toolbox_options_visibility_cb (GthToolbox *toolbox,
if (toolbox_options_visible) {
GtkWidget *file_tool;
gth_browser_show_viewer_tools (browser);
gtk_widget_hide (browser->priv->next_image_button);
gtk_widget_hide (browser->priv->previous_image_button);
browser->priv->pointer_visible = FALSE;
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