Commit 4be3583d authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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no need to test the file type before rotating images

parent 0c5f71f2
......@@ -2453,9 +2453,7 @@ copy_current_file (GthWebExporter *self)
gboolean appling_tranformation = FALSE;
if (gth_main_extension_is_active ("image_rotation")
&& g_content_type_equals (gth_file_data_get_mime_type (image_data->file_data), "image/jpeg"))
if (gth_main_extension_is_active ("image_rotation")) {
GthFileData *file_data;
file_data = gth_file_data_new (destination, image_data->file_data->info);
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