Commit 3dda6555 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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initialize the type to null and set it to null if a void string is returned

parent 95f06aa8
......@@ -835,12 +835,12 @@ const char *
gth_main_get_metadata_type (gpointer metadata,
const char *attribute)
const char *value_type;
const char *value_type = NULL;
GthMetadataInfo *metadatum_info;
if (GTH_IS_METADATA (metadata)) {
value_type = gth_metadata_get_value_type (GTH_METADATA (metadata));
if (g_strcmp0 (value_type, "Undefined") == 0)
if ((g_strcmp0 (value_type, "Undefined") == 0) || (g_strcmp0 (value_type, "") == 0))
value_type = NULL;
if (value_type != NULL)
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