Commit 3bf0abb7 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega

fixed indentation

parent 09c49318
......@@ -1580,8 +1580,8 @@ _gth_folder_tree_remove_child_type (GthFolderTree *folder_tree,
gth_folder_tree_set_children (GthFolderTree *folder_tree,
GFile *parent,
GList *files)
GFile *parent,
GList *files)
GtkTreeIter parent_iter;
GtkTreeIter *p_parent_iter;
......@@ -1687,6 +1687,7 @@ gth_folder_tree_set_children (GthFolderTree *folder_tree,
gtk_tree_store_set (folder_tree->priv->tree_store, p_parent_iter,
gtk_tree_sortable_set_sort_column_id (GTK_TREE_SORTABLE (folder_tree->priv->tree_store), COLUMN_NAME, GTK_SORT_ASCENDING);
folder_tree->priv->recalc_entry_points = TRUE;
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