Commit 362b4596 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega

desktop background: fixed the way to obtain the monitor geometry

The primary monitor could not be set, use the main window monitor
parent 748001c0
......@@ -370,7 +370,7 @@ wallpaper_metadata_ready_cb (GObject *source_object,
#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION(3, 22, 0)
gdk_monitor_get_geometry (gdk_display_get_primary_monitor (gtk_widget_get_display (GTK_WIDGET (wdata->browser))), &monitor_geometry);
gdk_monitor_get_geometry (gdk_display_get_monitor_at_window (gtk_widget_get_display (GTK_WIDGET (wdata->browser)), gtk_widget_get_window (GTK_WIDGET (wdata->browser))), &monitor_geometry);
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