Commit 338a8b35 authored by Paolo Bacchilega's avatar Paolo Bacchilega
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shortcuts: use the verb 'Revert', which is already used in the question

parent ea3ea771
......@@ -429,9 +429,9 @@ restore_all_button_clicked_cb (GtkButton *button,
dialog = _gtk_yesno_dialog_new (GTK_WINDOW (data->preferences_dialog),
_("Do you want to revert all the changes and restore the default shortcuts?"),
_("Do you want to revert all the changes and use the default shortcuts?"),
_gtk_dialog_add_class_to_response (GTK_DIALOG (dialog), GTK_RESPONSE_YES, GTK_STYLE_CLASS_DESTRUCTIVE_ACTION);
reassign = gtk_dialog_run (GTK_DIALOG (dialog)) == GTK_RESPONSE_YES;
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