Commit 249b9d7a authored by Michael J. Chudobiak's avatar Michael J. Chudobiak
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enable delete key as accelerator for move-to-trash, bug 593687

parent 8e30d7ae
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ static GtkActionEntry action_entries[] = {
N_("Duplicate the selected files"),
G_CALLBACK (gth_browser_activate_action_edit_duplicate) },
{ "Edit_Trash", "user-trash",
N_("Mo_ve to Trash"), NULL,
N_("Mo_ve to Trash"), "Delete",
N_("Move the selected files to the Trash"),
G_CALLBACK (gth_browser_activate_action_edit_trash) },
{ "Edit_Delete", "edit-delete",
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