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    Fixes zoom keybinding (bug #345339). · 546a1676
    Paolo Bacchilega authored
    2006-10-19  Paolo Bacchilega  <paobac@cvs.gnome.org>
    	* src/gth-browser.c (key_press_cb): Fixes zoom keybinding (bug #345339).
    	* src/rotation-utils.c (write_orientation_field):
    	* src/rotation-utils.h:
    	* src/dlg-reset-exif.c (apply_transformation):
    	* src/dlg-jpegtran.c (apply_transformation): Fixes tag updating when
    	multiple IFDs have orientation tag.
    	* libgthumb/jpegutils/jpegtran.h:
    	* libgthumb/jpegutils/jpegtran.c (jpegtran): Adds support for the trim mode.
    	* libgthumb/typedefs.h: Adds comments to the GthTransform typedef, to
    	explain its purpose.
    	* README: Updates the README file to reflect new intltool minimum
    	Patch by Jef Driesen, Michael Chudobiak.
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