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    Merged RotatonData, GthExifOrientation and GthOrientation into · 05abd885
    Paolo Bacchilega authored
    2006-10-12  Paolo Bacchilega  <paobac@cvs.gnome.org>
            * src/rotation-utils.h (update_orientation_field):
            * src/rotation-utils.c:
            * src/gth-window-actions-callbacks.c (adjust_orientation__step):
            * src/dlg-photo-importer.c:
            * src/dlg-jpegtran.h:
            * src/dlg-jpegtran.c:
            * libgthumb/typedefs.h:
            * libgthumb/pixbuf-utils.h (pixmap_from_xpm):
            * libgthumb/pixbuf-utils.c:
            * libgthumb/image-loader.c (image_loader_set_pixbuf):
            * libgthumb/gth-exif-utils.h:
            Merged RotatonData, GthExifOrientation and GthOrientation into
            GthTransform. The new enum contains all 8 possible
    transformations and
            is compatible with the exif orientation values.
            Moved _gdk_pixbuf_transform_exif_orientation from image-loader.h
            pixbuf-utils.h and renamed it to _gdk_pixbuf_transform.
            Moved the implementation of the button callbacks in
    dlg-jpegtran.c to a
            common function.
            Combined the two parameters rot_type and tran_type of the
            dlg_apply_jpegtran into only one parameter.
            Renamed the function update_rotation_from_exif_data in
            to read_orientation_field.
            Rewrote the lossless jpeg transform to perform all types of
            transformations in one pass.
            Rewrote the generic transform to use the _gdk_pixbuf_transform
            Replaced the get_next_value_* functions with one new function
            (get_next_transformation) that supports all 8 transformations.
    Added two
            functions to find the rotation and mirror/flip part of a
            Patch by Jef Driesen.  Bug #361701
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