Commit fc905144 authored by Marcin Kolny's avatar Marcin Kolny

Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'

Change the parameter names of constructors, to prevent member shadowing

See merge request !2
parents eb91e116 757d06fa
......@@ -261,11 +261,11 @@ IteratorBase<CppType>::IteratorBase(const IteratorBase<CppType>& other)
template<class CppType>
IteratorBase<CppType>::IteratorBase(GstIterator* castitem, bool take_ownership)
IteratorBase<CppType>::IteratorBase(GstIterator* castitem, bool _take_ownership)
: current(G_VALUE_INIT),
template<class CppType>
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ public:
/** Constructs a Gst::Range (min - max).
Range(T min, T max) : min(min), max(max) {}
Range(T _min, T _max) : min(_min), max(_max) {}
/** Constructs an Gst::Range from another range.
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