Commit 167eeba7 authored by Marcin Kolny's avatar Marcin Kolny

Gst::AudioClock: auto generate some audioclock methods

Those methods used to have object of GstClock type  as a
first argument, so had to be wrapped manually. It has been
fixed inGStreamer (
in version 1.12.0
parent b752ef24
......@@ -64,19 +64,4 @@ AudioClock::AudioClock(const Glib::ustring& name, const SlotGetTime& time_slot)
gobj()->user_data = m_slot.get();
Gst::ClockTime AudioClock::adjust(Gst::ClockTime time)
return static_cast<Gst::ClockTime>(gst_audio_clock_adjust(GST_CLOCK_CAST(gobj()), static_cast<GstClockTime>(time)));
Gst::ClockTime AudioClock::get_time() const
return static_cast<Gst::ClockTime>(gst_audio_clock_get_time(GST_CLOCK_CAST(gobj())));
void AudioClock::invalidate()
} //namespace Gst
......@@ -66,18 +66,11 @@ public:
_WRAP_METHOD(void reset(Gst::ClockTime time), gst_audio_clock_reset)
// TODO methods below get GstClock as a first argument,
// so have to be wrapped manually. It has been fixed in
// GStreamer (
// but patch is not available in 1.8.0 version.
Gst::ClockTime adjust(Gst::ClockTime time);
_WRAP_METHOD(Gst::ClockTime adjust(Gst::ClockTime time), gst_audio_clock_adjust)
Gst::ClockTime get_time() const;
_WRAP_METHOD(Gst::ClockTime get_time() const, gst_audio_clock_get_time)
void invalidate();
_WRAP_METHOD(void invalidate(), gst_audio_clock_invalidate)
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