Commit cb0962bd authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

Release 1.1.1

parent ede9a854
News in 1.1.1
This is an unstable release in the 1.1 development cycle. The 1.2 stable
version will be released at the same time as GNOME 3.22.
* New API: inline checker: add an option to select the language from the
context menu (right-click menu)
* Fix gtk-doc build issue
* Update GtkTextRegion -> GtkSourceRegion (utility class copied from the
GtkSourceView library)
* Translation updates
News in 1.0.1
* Fix build on win32
* Translation updates
News in 1.0.0
* The API is now stable. Future 1.x stable versions will be backward compatible
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