Commit 8578f08f authored by Sébastien Wilmet's avatar Sébastien Wilmet

Release 0.2.5

parent 615d8981
News in 0.2.5
* Inline checker: improve current word handling
* Support words with apostrophes, like "doesn't"
* Write more unit tests
* Improvements to the build system (use a GSPELL_API_VERSION variable)
* Add missing getter functions
* Installed tests support
* Translation updates
API changes:
* Have a GspellTextBuffer class
* Rename GspellInlineCheckerTextView -> GspellTextView
* The GspellNavigator interface now requires GInitiallyUnowned instead of GObject
News in 0.2.4 News in 0.2.4
------------- -------------
* Fix compilation on Mac OS X * Fix compilation on Mac OS X
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