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Release 0.1.0

Things start to look good.
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News in 0.1.0
This is the first version, but the code comes from the gedit spell plugin, it
was not implemented from scratch.
gspell currently has:
* GObject wrappers around Enchant (GspellChecker and GspellLanguage)
* An inline spell checker for GtkTextView (modified version of GtkSpell)
* A spell checker dialog for GtkTextView
* Language choosers (button and dialog)
gspell - a spell-checking library for GTK+
This is version 0.0.1 of gspell.
This is version 0.1.0 of gspell.
gspell provides a flexible API to implement the spell checking in a GTK+
Announcement and why this library has been created:
The gspell library is free software and is released under the terms of the
GNU General Public License. See the file 'COPYING' for more information.
gspell is currently hosted on GitHub:
You can download the latest gspell tarball from:
WARNING - API (un)stability
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in a GTK+ application.</description>
<homepage rdf:resource="" />
<download-page rdf:resource="" />
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