Commit a4f3a4ab authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas Committed by Bastien Nocera

thegamesdb: Use Sega Pico registered MIME type

Use the 'application/x-sega-pico-rom' MIME type as it has been added to


Closes: #34
parent 8df67512
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......@@ -231,6 +231,7 @@ function get_platform_name(mime_type, suffix)
platform_names['application/x-saturn-rom'] = 'Sega Saturn'
platform_names['application/x-sega-cd-rom'] = 'Sega CD'
platform_names['application/x-sg1000-rom'] = 'SEGA SG-1000'
platform_names['application/x-sega-pico-rom'] = 'Sega Pico'
-- Also represents 'Sega Game Gear' through magic
platform_names['application/x-sms-rom'] = 'Sega Master System'
platform_names['application/x-gamegear-rom'] = 'Sega Game Gear'
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