Commit 8ac04c6e authored by Victor Toso's avatar Victor Toso Committed by Bastien Nocera

examples: fix warnings on example-tmdb

All -Wdeclaration-after-statement such as:

 warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code
 const gchar *title = grl_media_get_title (media);
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......@@ -38,11 +38,13 @@ GrlKeyID director_key = 0;
static void
resolve_cb (GrlSource *src, guint operation_id, GrlMedia *media, gpointer user_data, const GError *error)
const char *title, *studio;
g_assert_no_error (error);
g_assert (media);
const gchar *title = grl_media_get_title (media);
const gchar *studio = grl_media_get_studio (media);
title = grl_media_get_title (media);
studio = grl_media_get_studio (media);
printf ("Media: Title='%s', Studio='%s'\n",
title, studio);
......@@ -57,14 +59,25 @@ resolve_cb (GrlSource *src, guint operation_id, GrlMedia *media, gpointer user_d
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
GrlRegistry *reg;
GrlConfig *config;
GError *error = NULL;
GrlSource *src;
gboolean plugin_activated;
GrlCaps *caps;
GrlOperationOptions *options;
GrlMedia *media;
const GList *keys;
const GList* l;
grl_init (&argc, &argv);
* Set the TMDB API key:
* You must use your own TMDB API key in your own application.
GrlRegistry *reg = grl_registry_get_default ();
GrlConfig *config = grl_config_new (TMDB_PLUGIN_ID, NULL);
reg = grl_registry_get_default ();
config = grl_config_new (TMDB_PLUGIN_ID, NULL);
grl_config_set_api_key (config, TMDB_KEY);
grl_registry_add_config (reg, config, NULL);
grl_registry_load_all_plugins (reg, FALSE, NULL);
......@@ -72,8 +85,8 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[])
* Get the plugin:
GError *error = NULL;
gboolean plugin_activated =
error = NULL;
plugin_activated =
grl_registry_activate_plugin_by_id (reg, TMDB_PLUGIN_ID, &error);
g_assert (plugin_activated);
g_assert_no_error (error);
......@@ -81,35 +94,35 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[])
* Get the Grilo source:
GrlSource *src =
grl_registry_lookup_source (reg, TMDB_PLUGIN_ID);
src = grl_registry_lookup_source (reg, TMDB_PLUGIN_ID);
* Check that it has the expected capability:
g_assert (grl_source_supported_operations (src) & GRL_OP_RESOLVE);
GrlCaps *caps = grl_source_get_caps (src, GRL_OP_RESOLVE);
caps = grl_source_get_caps (src, GRL_OP_RESOLVE);
g_assert (caps);
GrlOperationOptions *options = grl_operation_options_new (caps);
options = grl_operation_options_new (caps);
* A media item that we will give to the TMDB plugin,
* to discover its details.
GrlMedia *media = grl_media_video_new ();
media = grl_media_video_new ();
grl_media_set_title (media, "Sherlock Holmes");
* Discover what keys are provided by the source:
const GList *keys = grl_source_supported_keys (src);
const GList* l = NULL;
keys = grl_source_supported_keys (src);
for (l = keys; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
const gchar *name;
GrlKeyID id = GPOINTER_TO_INT (l->data);
g_assert (id);
const gchar *name = grl_metadata_key_get_name (id);
name = grl_metadata_key_get_name (id);
printf ("Supported key: %s\n", name);
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