Commit 4a45313d authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas Committed by Victor Toso
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thegamesdb: Update the Dreamcast MIME type

The application/x-dc-rom MIME type was removed as it seems to come out
of nowhere, the newly added application/x-dreamcast-rom type can replace
it here and in GNOME Games.

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......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ function get_platform_name(mime_type, suffix)
platform_names['application/x-atari-5200-rom'] = 'Atari 5200'
platform_names['application/x-atari-7800-rom'] = 'Atari 7800'
platform_names['application/x-atari-lynx-rom'] = 'Atari Lynx'
platform_names['application/x-dc-rom'] = 'Sega Dreamcast'
platform_names['application/x-dreamcast-rom'] = 'Sega Dreamcast'
platform_names['application/x-fds-disk'] = 'Famicom Disk System'
platform_names['application/x-gameboy-rom'] = 'Nintendo Game Boy'
platform_names['application/x-gameboy-color-rom'] = 'Nintendo Game Boy Color'
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