Commit 2691ca48 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho
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tracker3: Associate the SPARQL variable name to the grilo key

We now look up variable names here, so update this. Also drop the
other (no longer necessary) mappings.
parent 99fe355c
......@@ -173,21 +173,8 @@ insert_key_mapping (GrlKeyID grl_key,
g_hash_table_insert (sparql_to_grl_mapping,
(gpointer) assoc->sparql_key_name,
(gpointer) assoc->sparql_var_name,
g_hash_table_insert (sparql_to_grl_mapping,
(gpointer) GRL_METADATA_KEY_GET_NAME (grl_key),
/* Grilo maps key names to SPARQL variables. Key names can contain dashes,
* however SPARQL does not allow dashes in variable names. So use the to
* underscores converted canon_name as additional mapping.
if (g_strrstr (assoc->sparql_key_name_canon, "_")) {
g_hash_table_insert (sparql_to_grl_mapping,
(gpointer) assoc->sparql_key_name_canon,
g_free (canon_name);
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