Commit c1f22e28 authored by Luca Bacci's avatar Luca Bacci Committed by Mike Fleetwood

Use Gtk::Box for Dialog_Partition_Name (!25)

Gtk::HBox and Gtk::VBox were deprecated in Gtkmm 3.2.  Replace with
plain Gtk::Box.

This commit makes the change for

Closes !25 - Modern Gtk3 - part 1
parent 784a4977
......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ Dialog_Partition_Name::Dialog_Partition_Name( const Partition & partition, int m
/* TO TRANSLATORS: dialog title, looks like Set partition name on /dev/hda3 */
this->set_title( Glib::ustring::compose( _("Set partition name on %1"), partition.get_path() ) );
// HBox to hole the label and entry box line
Gtk::HBox *hbox( manage( new Gtk::HBox() ) );
// Horizontal box to hold the label and entry box line
Gtk::Box *hbox(manage(new Gtk::Box(Gtk::ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL)));
hbox->set_border_width( 5 );
hbox->set_spacing( 10 );
get_vbox()->pack_start( *hbox, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK );
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