Commit 73f9a6f7 authored by Curtis Gedak's avatar Curtis Gedak Committed by Mike Fleetwood

Add missing window title to Help Contents dialog (!45)

When GParted is configured with `--disable-doc` the help documentation
is neither built, nor installed.

With this configuration the Help -> Contents menu displays a message
dialog indicating the "Documentation is not available".

On GNOME 3 no title is shown; however, on some other graphic toolkits
/ window managers an unspecified title is shown.

For example on GParted Live with Fluxbox the following is displayed:


               Documentation is not available

      This build of gparted is configured without documentation.
      Documentation is available at the project web site.


To address the unspecified title on non-GNOME 3 graphic toolkits, add
a title that works with and without GNOME 3.

Closes !45 - Add missing window title to Help Contents dialog
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......@@ -1842,6 +1842,7 @@ void Win_GParted::menu_help_contents()
tmp_msg += "\n" ;
tmp_msg += "";
dialog .set_secondary_text( tmp_msg ) ;
dialog .set_title( _("GParted Manual") );
dialog .run() ;
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