Commit 4ef3ef33 authored by Mike Fleetwood's avatar Mike Fleetwood Committed by Curtis Gedak

Allow GNOME 3 yelp to display the GParted Manual (!24)

Now with GNOME 3 style help installed, running 'yelp help:gparted'
results in this error being displayed in yelp:
    Page Not Found
    The requested page was not found in the document 'help:gparted'.

Where as running 'yelp help:gparted/gparted' correctly displays the
GParted Manual.

Fix by renaming the article tag to the default 'index' that yelp is
expecting when using the new GNOME 3 'help:' prefix.

Closes !24 - Port to GNOME 3 yelp-tools documentation infrastructure
parent a725921a
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
<!-- ============= Document Header =================================== -->
<?db.chunk.max_depth 4?>
<article id="gparted" lang="en">
<article id="index" lang="en">
<!-- Please do not change the id. -->
<!-- For translations, change lang to appropriate code -->
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