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    Remove deprecated PKG_NAME from autogen.sh · 3ce3683d
    Mike Fleetwood authored
    Use of PKG_NAME is deprecated in GNOME 3 and produced this warning:
        $ ./autogen.sh
        ***Warning*** PKG_NAME is deprecated, you may remove it from autogen.sh
    Now that GParted is a GNOME 3 application with GNOME 3 yelp-tools
    managed documentation this is redundant and can be removed.  Previous
    further analysis:
        GNOME Bugzilla, Bug 743318, comment 18
        PKG_NAME is still used in GNOME 2.28's gnome-autogen.sh in error
        messages.  (GNOME 3's gnome-autogen.sh queries it from configure.ac
        instead of requiring it to be set).
    Also confirmed that it makes no difference by running ./autogen.sh with
    and without PKG_NAME being set.  The produced GParted build trees were
    the same.  Therefore the release and executable can't be affected.
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