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    Snap partition boundaries before dialogs update FS usage (#48) · 7c94b7d9
    Mike Fleetwood authored
    Move snap_to_*() method calls from the point when all operations are
    added to the list, to earlier when Resize/Move, Paste (into new) and
    Create New dialogs are composing the new partition objects.  In
    particular for the Resize/Move operation, to just before updating the
    file system usage.
    This change finally resolves this bug.
    Because of the dialog call chains into Dialog_Base_Partition,
    snap_to_alignment() must be added into:
    * Dialog_Base_Partition::prepare_new_partition() for the Resize/Move and
      Paste (into new) dialogs; and
    * Dialog_Partition_New::Get_New_Partition() for the Create New dialog.
    Closes #48 - Error when moving locked LUKS-encrypted partition
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