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Make XFS copy duplicate the file system label and UUID

Mike Fleetwood requested to merge mfleetwo/gparted:xfs-copy into master

Quoting the commit messages:

As GParted performs block copy of partitions then the label, which is stored in the file system superblock is also copied. This is true for copies perform using the GParted internal block copy and for EXT2/3/4 and NTFS which are copied using the file system specific commands e2image and ntfsclone respectively. However when an XFS file system is copied the label is not copied because a new file system is created using mkfs.xfs and the files copied using xfsdump | xfsrestore.

For the same reason as in the previous commit, the UUID is copied when copying every file system type except for XFS, where a new XFS is created with a new UUID.

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