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Add file system interface tests

Mike Fleetwood requested to merge mfleetwo/gparted:filesystem-tests into master

Code comment explaining the scope:

 * Test the derived FileSystem interface classes which call the file system specific
 * executables via the SupportedFileSystems class.  Rather than mocking command execution
 * and returned output just run real commands, effectively making this integration testing.
 * Test case setup determines the file system supported actions using
 * get_filesystem_support() and individual tests are skipped if a feature is not
 * supported, just as GParted does for it's actions.
 * Each test creates it's own sparse image file and a fresh file system, performs a test
 * on one FileSystem interface call and deletes the image file.  This makes each test
 * independent and allows them to run as a non-root user, provided the file system command
 * itself doesn't require root.  Errors reported for a failed interface call will include
 * the GParted OperationDetails, which in turn includes the file system specific command
 * used and stdout and stderr from it's execution.

(Some of the progress can be seen in the fs-test-* branches in my repository).

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