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Add GitLab CI jobs to build and test GParted

Mike Fleetwood requested to merge mfleetwo/gparted:ci-jobs-v2 into master

Hi Curtis,

Here's a pull request to add GitLab Continuous Integration jobs into GParted. Creates these stages and jobs:

  • build: centos_build, ubuntu_test
  • test: centos_test, ubuntu_test

I used CentOS and Ubuntu as a slow and fast releasing distribution respectively. The build stages do make and make install. The test stages do make, make check and make distcheck.

As previously mentioned GitLab only runs CI on the head commit of newly pushed branches, and not every commit. There is an open GitLab issue for this. So unfortunately we can't currently use CI to ensure every commit will build.

As a work around I did push one commit at a time to the source branch for this pull request so you can see the CI results for every commit. I don't expect we will do this in future. We will need to continue to use git-test-sequence locally to ensure every commit builds for git bisectability.

In terms of commit messages and process I assumed that nobody would raise GParted pull request 4 in the next few hours so I edited my commit messages and started the above one commit at a time push.

Thanks, Mike

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