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Update bugzilla references

Curtis Gedak requested to merge gedakc/gparted:update-bugzilla-references into master

Hi Mike,

This is a just a house-keeping task to update the bug links from old Bugzilla to new GitLab issues. I noticed the old Bugzilla references while preparing the 0.32.0 tarball.

Please wait until we have the completed the 0.32.0 release cycle before committing. In other words please wait until after we have a stable GParted Live image release.

Title: Update bug links from Bugzilla to GitLab issues

  • Bugzilla has disabled reporting of new bugs.
  • Existing Bugzilla bug reports permit new comments only.
  • New bugs are to be created on GitLab issues.

Reference: [GitLab] IMPORTANT: Mass migration plan

Thanks, Curtis

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