Commit ee9f6f34 authored by Curtis Gedak's avatar Curtis Gedak
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Fix mismatched field precision type compiler warning

Inserted cast to int so that third parameter matches expected
parameter precision type.

Original warning: In member function ‘Glib::ustring
GParted::FileSystem::mk_temp_dir(const Glib::ustring&,
GParted::OperationDetail&)’: warning: field precision should have type ‘int’,
but argument 3 has type ‘long unsigned int’
parent 3b76e570
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Glib::ustring FileSystem::mk_temp_dir( const Glib::ustring & infix, OperationDet
//Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO, Chapter 6. Avoid Buffer Overflow
char dir_buf[4096+1];
sprintf( dir_buf, "%.*s", sizeof(dir_buf)-1, dir_template .c_str() ) ;
sprintf( dir_buf, "%.*s", (int) sizeof(dir_buf)-1, dir_template .c_str() ) ;
//Looks like "mkdir -v" command was run to the user
operationdetail .add_child( OperationDetail(
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