1. 15 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      girepository: Add Header for Version Macros · 94380459
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This adds a header to the girepository library, which is then included
      either directly or indirectly by the other headers so that all the public
      symbols (and the 2 symbols in gitypelib-internal.h used by the tools) are
      decorated by a macro, that can later be used to export the symbols and also
      to be used to display compile-time warnings for usage of deprecated APIs,
      which is like what is now being done in GLib (and GTK+, Clutter, and so
      This marks the first step that we begin to stop depending on the .symbols/
      .def files to export the symbols.
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      Add support for non-GObject fundamental objects · 1e9822c7
      Johan Dahlin authored
      This patch adds support for instantiable fundamental object types,
      which are not GObject based. This is mostly interesting for being
      able to support GstMiniObject's which are extensivly used in GStreamer.
      Includes a big test case to the Everything module (inspired by
      GstMiniObject) which should be used by language bindings who wishes to
      test this functionallity.
      This patch increases the size of the typelib and breaks compatibility
      with older typelibs.
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