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1.59.4 - 2019-02-04
* tests: Add functions using flat struct arrays. :mr:`130` (:user:`Tomasz Mi膮sko <tmiasko>`)
* Clean shebangs out of non-executable scripts and drop exec perm from :mr:`131` (:user:`Dominique Leuenberger <DimStar77>`)
* maintransformer: parse deprecation annotations for section blocks. :issue:`213` :mr:`132`
* repository: g_irepository_get_object_gtype_interfaces. :mr:`30` (:user:`Colin Walters <walters>`, :user:`Philip Chimento <ptomato>`)
* message: handle fatal errors even if warnings are disabled. :issue:`229` :mr:`126`
* autotools: Fix build with ``-Wl,--as-needed``. :issue:`226` :mr:`134`
* maintransformer: Don't warn on (optional) annotations on (inout) :mr:`135` (:user:`Guido G眉nther <guidog>`)
* girepository: Fix a possible use-after-free if g_mapped_file_new() fails
and fix possible leak of transitive dependency names. :mr:`136` (:user:`Elliott Sales de Andrade <QuLogic>`)
1.59.3 - 2019-01-08
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