Commit 26ac70c3 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters Committed by Johan Dahlin

Add uid_t, gid_t, dev_t to integral type conversions

Continuing where we were going with pid_t, define a few more POSIX
types by converting them to their fundamental integers.  See
commentary in patch for more explanation on rationale.
parent e697a497
......@@ -115,11 +115,27 @@ type_names['char*'] = TYPE_STRING
type_names['void*'] = TYPE_ANY
type_names['void'] = TYPE_NONE
# C unix types
type_names['off_t'] = TYPE_SIZET
type_names['pid_t'] = TYPE_INT
# Unix types that we special case here (and that have their own introspection
# type tag) because of wide use in GLib.
type_names['size_t'] = TYPE_SIZET
type_names['ssize_t'] = TYPE_SSIZET
# One off C unix type definitions; note some of these may be GNU Libc
# specific. If someone is actually bitten by this, feel free to do
# the required configure goop to determine their size and replace
# here.
# We don't want to encourage people to use these in their APIs because
# they compromise the platform-independence that GLib gives you.
# These are here mostly to avoid blowing when random platform-specific
# methods are added under #ifdefs inside GLib itself. We could just (skip)
# the relevant methods, but on the other hand, since these types are just
# integers it's easy enough to expand them.
type_names['off_t'] = TYPE_SIZET
type_names['pid_t'] = TYPE_INT
type_names['uid_t'] = TYPE_UINT
type_names['gid_t'] = TYPE_UINT
type_names['dev_t'] = TYPE_INT
type_names['socklen_t'] = TYPE_INT32
# Obj-C
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