1. 20 Sep, 2020 4 commits
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    • Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar
      Merge branch 'fix-350' into 'master' · 8b0a7f4c
      Mathieu Duponchelle authored
      giscanner: Fix section matching for documentation
      Closes #350
      See merge request !237
    • James Westman's avatar
      giscanner: Fix section matching for documentation · de6512b3
      James Westman authored
      When writing documentation to the GIR files, GIR tries to match
      classes with their matching SECTION: comment in the source code. Some codebases
      use kebab-case or CamelCase for their section names, but GIR always expects
      them to be flatcase or the matching will fail.
      This commit converts all section names to flatcase (by removing "-" and
      converting to lowercase) while they are being parsed, so that they are matched
      properly later on.
      Fixes #350.
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    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      giscanner: Add support for using clang-cl · b0ffd96e
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      This adds quick support for using 'clang-cl' (CLang's emulation of the Visual
      Studio compiler) to run giscanner.
      This will still initialize things mostly in the MSVC fashion, except that it
      will also check whether both 'CC' and 'CXX' envvars are set to
      'clang-cl [args]', as per the way that Meson supports using 'clang-cl'.
      Since we are using distutils to set up the compiler instance, when we enable
      'clang-cl' support, we trick distutils that we have already initialized the
      MSVCCompiler parameters as needed.  We just leave out the compiler flags as
      we don't really care about debug symbols nor optimization with the built
      dumper binary, as it is gone as soon as the .gir file is generated.
      This will build G-I successfully with all the tests passed.
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    • Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar
      Add the notion of standalone doc sections. · b8c92fdd
      Mathieu Duponchelle authored
      Up to now, section annotations had to match a class or interface
      name in order to be serialized in the gir.
      With this commit, they now get serialized as docsection nodes,
      for potential use by documentation tools.
    • Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar
      giscanner: parse block comments for members and fields · d7504419
      Mathieu Duponchelle authored
      There was previously no mechanism for tagging enum members
      and struct fields with Since tags (or other, eg deprecation tags).
      While the customary place to add Since tags for these symbols
      is inline in the parent symbol's documentation eg:
       * Foo:
       * @FOO_BAR: some bar. Since X.Y
      And variations on that theme, implementing parsing for that scheme
      would result in a pretty ambiguous grammar, especially if we also
      want support for multiple tags.
      Instead, the solution implemented here is to allow providing
      documentation for individual members and fields through their
      own separate block, as is done for virtual functions already.
      Inline comments are still used, with a lower precedence.
      Fixes #348
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