1. 17 Feb, 2001 1 commit
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      fix typo. · 520b0a41
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2001-02-17  Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>
      	* src/print.c (print_page) : fix typo.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_read_style) : Before version 1 and after version 6
      	  we stored full styles.  Be sure the create a default style as a
      	  backward compatibility measure incase we add elements to styles in
      	  the future.
  2. 28 Jan, 1999 1 commit
    • Arturo Espinosa's avatar
      More documentation integration: · 9a600f9d
      Arturo Espinosa authored
      More documentation integration:
      1. Finished documenting the Gnumeric functions.
      2. Fix bugs in the DocBook sgml
      3. Add script to create Docbook function reference
      4. Use Gnumeric's --dump-func-defs and generate
         function reference.
  3. 23 Sep, 1998 2 commits
    • Arturo Espinosa's avatar
      Fix my spelling in this sample file · 4971d45c
      Arturo Espinosa authored
    • Miguel de Icaza's avatar
      I got too agressive with the test so no Strings + Numbers were being · d4cf4336
      Miguel de Icaza authored
      1998-09-23  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
      	* src/sheet-autofill.c (string_has_number): I got too agressive
      	with the test so no Strings + Numbers were being autofilled.
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_setup_edit_area): Remove the CAN_FOCUS
      	flags form the accept and cancel buttons.  Bind the buttons.
      	(buttons): Neither Zoom-in and Zoom-out can take the focus.
      	(change_selection_font): New function to change the fonts of a
      	cell range.
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_accept_pending_input): Renamed from
      	* samples/: Added a new sample file: hypothetical-sales.