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    • Andreas J. Guelzow 's avatar
      rename enums · b8f3c912
      Andreas J. Guelzow authored
      2011-11-22  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
      	* src/widgets/gnm-validation-combo-view.c: rename enums
      	* src/widgets/widget-font-selector.c: rename enums
      2011-11-22  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c: rename enums
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-scenarios.c: rename enums
      2011-11-22  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
      	* src/tools/analysis-anova.c: rename enums
      	* src/tools/analysis-chi-squared.c: rename enums
      	* src/tools/analysis-principal-components.c: rename enums
      	* src/tools/analysis-tools.c: rename enums
      2011-11-22  Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow@pyrshep.ca>
      	* src/cell-draw.c: rename enums
      	* src/cellspan.c: rename enums
      	* src/commands.c: rename enums
      	* src/item-edit.c: rename enums
      	* src/mstyle.c: rename enums
      	* src/rendered-value.c: rename enums
      	* src/style.c: rename enums
      	* src/style.h: rename enums
      	* src/validation.c: rename enums
      	* src/validation.h: rename enums
      	* src/wbc-gtk-actions.c: rename enums
      	* src/wbc-gtk-edit.c: rename enums
      	* src/wbc-gtk.c: rename enums
      	* src/workbook-cmd-format.c: rename enums
      	* src/workbook-view.c: rename enums
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c: rename enums
      	* src/xml-sax-write.c: rename enums
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    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Don't leak a style when faced with an empty label. · 1d8a5180
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2007-09-24  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-chart.c (BC_R(end)) : Don't leak a style when faced with an empty
      2007-09-24  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	Merge in the win32 cleanup work
      	* src/Makefile.am : Add a libspreadsheet CFLAG -DGNUMERIC_INTERNAL to
      	  control dllimport/dllexport for win32.  Required some adjustment of
      	* src/libgnumeric.h : Add 'GNM_VAR_DECL' and use it for extern data
      	  that will be publicly visible.
      	* src/libgnumeric.c : re-order and handle some of the renaming
      	  style_init -> gnm_font_init, and gnumeric_color -> gnm_color.
      	(gnm_get_option_group) : move the shared cmd line arg parsing in here
      	  rather than duplicating the handlers in all the client apps.
      	* src/main-application.c (gnumeric_arg_parse) : eg from here.
      	  Rather than using global variables, pass the arguments as
      	  parameters to clean things up.
      	* src/ssconvert.c (main) : Use it here.
      	* src/ssindex.c (main) : and here.
      	* src/print-cell.h : just include the necessary gtk headers.  Even
      	  this breaks WITH_GTK work.  Why isn't this ins glib ?
      	* src/print.h : Move the renamed internal (not dllexported)
      	  gnm_print_debug flag here
      	* src/style.c : s/StyleFont/GnmFont/ and clean up the associated
      	  method names.  Then move things into style-font.h for now.
      	  This clarifies how much we'll need to move to GOFont.
      	* src/print-cell.h : just include the necessary gtk headers.  Even
      	  this breaks WITH_GTK work.  Why isn't this ins glib ?
      	* src/print.h : Move the renamed internal (not dllexported)
      	  gnm_print_debug flag here
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=15905
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    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      update a bit. :pos : removed. :margin_a : removed. :margin_b : removed. · 0ba84ede
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2006-06-25  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* gnumeric.xsd : update a bit.
      	* ColRowInfo::pos : removed.
      	* ColRowInfo::margin_a	: removed.
      	* ColRowInfo::margin_b	: removed.
      	* GnmCell::col_info	: removed.
      	* GnmValueErr::src	: removed.
      	* src/colrow.c (colrow_foreach) : Pass a new type 'GnmColRowIter' to
      	  the handler to provide a position and an info ptr.  All callers
      	* src/sheet.c
      	(sheet_col_size_fit_pixels) : use the constant margins
      	(sheet_row_size_fit_pixels) : ditto and and add +1 for
      	  the grid line (why was this different from col_size_fit_pixels).
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-row-height.c (dialog_row_height) : row margin is
      	  constant now.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-col-width.c (dialog_col_width) : ditto.
      	* src/cell-draw.c (cell_calc_layout) : no need for ri, the margins are
      	(cell_draw) : row margin is now constant too.
      	(cell_finish_layout) : document height better and make the row
      	  margins constant.
      	* src/cellspan.c (row_calc_spans) : Take the position as an argument
      	  now that ColRowInfo::pos is gone.  All callers changed.
  14. 11 Jun, 2006 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Take the width as an argument rather than calculating it here. (cell_draw) · 93aba8bf
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2006-06-11  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/cell-draw.c (cell_calc_layout) : Take the width as an argument
      	  rather than calculating it here.
      	(cell_draw) : width must be specified now.  No more magic < 0 implies
      	  cur col width.  Width convention changed to include margins.
      	* src/search.c (search_collect_cells) :  adjust to sheet_cells
      	  signature change.
      	* src/expr.h (GnmExprRelocateInfo) : convert pos from an EvalPos to a
      	  ParsePos.  One day the distinction will go away, but for now
      	  relocations do not need to know which dependent is being evaluated.
      	* src/dependent.c (dependents_relocate) : adjust to that change.
      	* src/sheet-autofill.c (afc_set_cell_hint) : ditto.
      	* src/colrow.h (GNM_COL_MARGIN) : define.  Margins are going away, why
      	  waste space and time looking up values that were constant.
      	* src/cell.h : remove GnmCell::col_info.
      	(cell_is_linked) : delete.  it was only used internally this model is
      	  targeted for removal when cells move into the quadtree.
      	* src/gnumeric.h : Change CellIterFunc signature to take a GnmCellIter
      	  in place of all the distinct arguments.
      	* src/auto-format.c (cb_af_suggest) : Adjust to signature change.
      	* src/clipboard.c (cb_clipboard_prepend_cell) : ditto.
      	* src/colrow.c (cb_clear_variable_width_content) : ditto.
      	* src/func.c (cb_iterate_cellrange) : ditto.
      	* src/graph.c (cb_assign_val) : ditto.
      	(cb_assign_matrix_val) : ditto.
      	* src/print.c (cb_range_empty) : ditto.
      	* src/ranges.c (cb_find_extents) : ditto.
      	* src/sheet-filter.c (cb_collect_unique) : ditto.
      	(cb_filter_expr) : ditto.
      	(cb_filter_non_blanks) : ditto.
      	(cb_filter_blanks) : ditto.
      	(cb_filter_find_items) : ditto.
      	(cb_hide_unwanted_items) : ditto.
      	(cb_filter_find_percentage) : ditto.
      	(cb_hide_unwanted_percentage) : ditto.
      	* src/sheet-view.c (cb_fail_if_not_selected) : ditto.
  15. 30 Apr, 2006 2 commits
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      implement. · 5c840ace
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2006-04-30  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/mstyle.c (gnm_style_is_complete) : implement.
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      merge excel_write_PANE into here and fix export of H or V only freezes. · 563646db
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2006-04-29  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-write.c (excel_write_WINDOW2) : merge excel_write_PANE into
      	  here and fix export of H or V only freezes.
      2006-04-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* xlsx-write.c : new.  Basic export and some code that will move to
      	  libgsf for 'Open Package' support.
      	* plugin.xml.in : Add xlsx export.
      	* Makefile.am : ditto.
      2006-04-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_read_EXTERNSHEET_v7) : patch
      	  tweak to import broken quoted sheetname from gnumeric-1.0.x eg
      2006-04-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-chart.c (ms_excel_chart_read) : Don't set the graph and chart
      	  styles to blank unless this is a full sheet object.  Fixes the
      	  import of older charts that are not wrapped in BOF records eg
      2006-04-29  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook-view.c (wb_view_get_index_in_wb) : new for xlsx export.
      	* src/selection.h (sv_selection_foreach) : renamed from
      	  selection_foreach_range.  All callers changed.
      	* src/selection.c (sv_selection_add_full) : renamed from
      	  sv_selection_add_range to be clearer.
      	(sv_selection_add_range) : new utility that takes a ... GnmRange.
      	* src/sheet-view.h : SheetView::selections make this a GSList, no need
      	  for a GList.  This makes the api more homogeneous.
      	* src/cell.c (cell_get_style) : constify the result and rename from
      	* src/ranges.c (range_as_string) : renamed from range_name.  All
      	  callers fixed.
      	* src/style-conditions.c (gnm_style_conditions_eval) : tack on hooks
      	  for some of the new condition types in office 12.
  16. 15 Apr, 2006 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Add HALIGN_DISTRIBUTED and resync a few cases. ditto. ditto. ditto. ditto. · c045ff4b
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2006-04-15  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* plugins/fn-info/functions.c : Add HALIGN_DISTRIBUTED and resync a
      	  few cases.
      	* plugins/html/latex.c (latex2e_write_multicolumn_cell) : ditto.
      	* plugins/html/roff.c (roff_file_save) : ditto.
      	* plugins/plan-perfect/pln.c (pln_get_style) : ditto.
      	* src/cellspan.c (cell_calc_span) : ditto.
      	* src/rendered-value.c (rendered_value_new) : ditto.
      	* src/dialogs/cell-format.glade : ditto.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c : ditto.
      	* plugins/html/html.c (write_cell) : add HALIGN_DISTRIBUTED and fix
      	* src/cell-draw.c (cell_calc_layout) : ditto.
      	* src/item-edit.c (get_top_left) : ditto.
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  18. 09 Oct, 2005 1 commit
  19. 26 Jun, 2005 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      new. (xml_sax_input_msg) : new. · e406c13c
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2005-06-25  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c (xml_sax_hlink) : new.
      	(xml_sax_input_msg) : new.
      2005-06-22  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/Makefile.am : enable pango-test
      2005-06-22  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* * : s/MStyle/GnmStyle/
  20. 10 May, 2005 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      work around use of negative rotations which are used to indicate vertical · cd22c24c
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2005-05-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-sax-read.c (xml_sax_styleregion_start) : work around use of
      	  negative rotations which are used to indicate vertical text.
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_read_style) : ditto.
      2005-05-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/style.h : Add a 'VALIGN_DISTRIBUTED' that was added in XP
      	  dunno what it does yet.
      	* src/dialogs/dialog-cell-format.c : Add an entry for DISTRIBUTED
      	* src/mstyle.h : document the range of rotation
      	* src/workbook-view.c : remove pointless include
      	* src/hlink.c : remove pointless include
  21. 21 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Dump in the RTL code that has been simmering waiting for a branch · 8a4efb4d
      Jody Goldberg authored
      Dump in the RTL code that has been simmering waiting for a branch
      2005-01-20  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/xml-io.c (xml_sheet_write) : store the rtl flag
      	(xml_sheet_read) : read the rtl flag
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c (cb_notebook_switch_page) : set the
      	  direction on page change
      	(show_gui) : setting it here too.
      	(set_dir) : new.
      	(wbcg_set_direction) : new
      	* src/wbcg-actions.c (cb_direction) : A quick and simple direction
      	  setting action.  We need a better icon, and improved state.
      	* src/style-border.c (style_border_hmargins) : lots of finicky
      	  -1*offset style changes for rtl.
      	* src/sheet.c (gnm_sheet_class_init) : Add some as yet unused get/set
      	  property routines.
      	(gnm_sheet_init) : new to init the direction based on the locale.  Use
      	  a gtk routine for now.  There's a bug open to have that moved to
      	(sheet_set_direction) : new.
      	* src/sheet-view.c (sv_init_sc) : init the direction.
      	(sv_direction_changed) : new.
      	* src/sheet-object-cell-comment.c (comment_view_set_bounds) : fold the
      	  old comment_get_points into here and invert things in RTL mode.
      	* src/sheet-control-gui.c (scg_redraw_headers) : col coordinates are
      	  negative for rtl mode.
      	(scg_resize) : rework for rtl
      	(scg_set_zoom_factor) : ditto.
      	(bar_set_left_col) : ditto.
      	(bar_set_top_row) : ditto.
      	(gnm_canvas_set_top_left) : ditto.
      	(calc_obj_place) : ditto.  Clarify which coordinate system we're in.
      	(scg_direction_changed) : new virtual.
      	(scg_scale_changed) :  renamed from scg_set_zoom_factor.
      	* src/print.c (print_sheet_objects) : handle rtl. (needs testing)
      	(print_page_cells) : simple rtl handling
      	* src/mstyle.c : Add a text_dir element that defaults to CONTEXT right
      	  now.  This is unused until it is better understood, but it is read
      	  and written from xls.  We need to add xml support.
      	* src/item-grid.c (item_grid_draw_merged_range) : handle rtl
      	(item_grid_draw) : ditto.
      	* src/print-cell.c (print_merged_range) : ditto
      	(print_cell_range) : ditto.
      	* src/item-edit.c (ie_layout) : swap directions in RTL mode.  We still
      	  need more work here to honour the alignment better while editing.
      	* src/item-cursor.c
      	(item_cursor_request_redraw) : delete, we can use foo_canvas_item_request_redraw
      	(item_cursor_update) : handle rtl
      	(item_cursor_draw) : ditto
      	(item_cursor_bound_set) : add some safety to avoid drawing before the
      	  position is set, or if it is set to something invalid
      	* src/item-bar.c (item_bar_draw) : major rework to handle RTL mode.
      	  - swap the the direction for the cells and the outlines
      	(is_pointer_on_division) : handle rtl and clarify which coordinate
      	  system the various inputs and results use.
      	(ib_set_cursor) : simplify
      	(outline_button_press) : RTL flips some coordinates.
      	(item_bar_event) : ditto
      	* src/gnumeric-simple-canvas.c (gnm_simple_canvas_x_w2c) : doh! handle
      	* src/gnumeric-pane.c (gnumeric_pane_header_init) : handle rtl
      	(gnm_pane_init) : ditto.
      	(gnm_pane_colrow_resize_start) : ditto.
      	(gnm_pane_colrow_resize_move) : ditto.
      	(cb_slide_handler) : ditto.
      	* src/gnumeric-canvas.c (gnm_canvas_key_mode_sheet) : Swap the
      	  direction of arrow keys in rtl mode.
      	(gnm_canvas_key_mode_object) : ditto
      	(gnm_canvas_size_allocate) : always recompute visible range.  In RTL
      	  mode we want to have things aligned on the left edge whose coord
      	(gnm_canvas_find_col) : handle the rtl negation of world coords
      	(gnm_canvas_redraw_range) : ditto
      	(gcanvas_sliding_callback) : ditto.
      	(gnm_canvas_handle_motion) : ditto.
      	  NOTE : work around a bug in gtk's use of X.  When dragging past the
      	  right edge of the sheet in rtl mode we are operating at the edge of
      	  a 32k wide window and the event coords get larger than can be held
      	  in a signed short.  As a result we get world coords of -65535 or so.
      	    with our current limit of 256 columns it is unlikely that we'll
      	    hit -65535 (at appropriate zoom) as a valid coord (it would
      	    require all cols to be 256 pixels wide.  it is not impossible, but
      	    at least unlikely.  So we put in a kludge here to catch the screw
      	    up and remap it.   This is not pretty,  at large zooms this is not
      	    far fetched.
      	(gnm_canvas_compute_visible_region) : things are more complicated for
      	  rtl mode.
      	* src/commands.c : Add undo for the rtl vs ltr mode
      	* src/cellspan.c (cell_calc_span) : in rtl mode swap the meaning of
      	  horizontal alignment.
      	* src/GNOME_Gnumeric-gtk.xml.in : Add the rtl toggle action
      2004-12-07  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-write.c (excel_write_WINDOW2) : export sheet level rtl
      	  setting (we could move it to SheetView)
      	(build_xf_data) : store the text dir.
      	(excel_write_XF) : write it.
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_read_WINDOW2) : read sheet level rtl flag
      	(excel_read_XF) : read the text dir.
      	(excel_get_style_from_xf) : store the text dir.
      2005-01-20  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* dialog-sheet-order.c : Support a toggle for rtl
  22. 06 Mar, 2004 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      new. (ms_obj_attr_get_markup) : new. (ms_obj_attr_destroy) : teach about · 09ad1ad2
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2004-03-06  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-obj.c (ms_obj_attr_new_markup) : new.
      	(ms_obj_attr_get_markup) : new.
      	(ms_obj_attr_destroy) : teach about PangoAttrList
      	(append_txorun) : new.
      	(ms_obj_read_pre_biff8_obj) : font colours come with the FONT info in
      	  txoruns.  The docs are wrong the colour in the record is useless.
      	  Remove some extra debug spew.
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_wb_get_fmt) : no point using pointers to
      	  ints.  Just use G_INT_TO_POINTER.
      	(ms_sheet_get_fmt) : ditto.
      	(excel_read_BOUNDSHEET) : ditto.
      	(excel_workbook_new) : ditto.
      	(excel_workbook_reset_style) : ditto.
      	(base_char_width_for_read) : ditto.
      	(excel_read_FORMAT) : ditto.
      	(excel_read_FONT) : ditto.
      	(excel_get_font) : ditto.
      	  Also no need for this to take a sheet, take a workbook.
      	(biff_font_data_destroy) : free the new optional attr lists.
      	(ms_sheet_create_obj) : Use markup rather than a single colour.
      	(biff_guint16_hash (guint16 const *d)
      	(biff_guint32_hash (guint32 const *d)
      	(biff_guint16_equal) : delete.
      	(biff_guint32_equal) : delete.
      	(excel_get_style_from_xf) : remove some useless code now that font
      	  substitution is handled at the app level.
      	(add_attr) : new.
      	(ms_wb_get_font_markup) : new.  build a PangoAttrList from a FONT record.
      	* ms-container.c (ms_container_get_fmt) : automatically chain up
      	(ms_container_get_markup) : new.
      	* ms-chart.c (chart_get_fmt) : delete.
      2004-03-06  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/sheet-object-graphic.c (sheet_object_text_finalize) : release
      	  the markup.
      	(sheet_object_text_new_view) : set the attributes.
      	(sheet_object_text_clone) : handle the attributes.
      	(gnm_so_text_set_font_color) : delete.
      	(gnm_so_text_set_markup) : new.
      2004-03-05  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/colrow.c (colrow_set_sizes) : force re-render of variable width cells
      	(colrow_restore_state_group) : ditto
      	* src/rendered-value.c (rendered_value_render) : privatize
      	* src/style.c (required_updates_for_style) : Now that rendered values
      	  contain size info too we can dispense with the distinction between
      	  rendering and sizing.  Without this changing the font size would not
      	  resize because the rendered value cached the size and was not
      	  re-rendered until draw, rather than at row-height calc.
  23. 12 Nov, 2003 2 commits
  24. 11 Oct, 2003 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      new to write csv files without intervention. (stf_init) : Use it. · 7a725771
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2003-10-10  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/stf.c (stf_write_csv) : new to write csv files without
      	(stf_init) : Use it.
      2003-10-09  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/libgnumeric.c : pull the ancient if BONOBO checks
      	* src/io-context-gtk.c (icg_show_gui) : mark the window as a splash.
      	* schemas/Makefile.am : make friendlier for rpm builders
  25. 09 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      Release 1.2.1 · b762bb9d
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2003-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* Release 1.2.1
  26. 16 Aug, 2003 1 commit
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      A bit of tidying to make 70184 simpler renamed from cell_is_blank. All · 354db665
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2003-08-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	A bit of tidying to make 70184 simpler
      	* src/cell.c (cell_is_empty) : renamed from cell_is_blank.  All
      	  callers changed.
      	(cell_is_blank) : new function that handles "" too.
      	* src/sheet-filter.c (cb_collect_unique) : Use it here.
      	(cb_filter_non_blanks) : here.
      	(cb_filter_blanks) : and here.
  27. 05 Dec, 2002 1 commit
  28. 20 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      support qualified names. · 6f4099b5
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-11-20  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-write.c (excel_formula_write_NAME_v7) : support qualified
      	* ms-excel-read.c (excel_read_EXTERNSHEET_v7) : fix handling of the
      	  sheet local names.
      	* boot.c (excel_file_open) : Try the output even more and assign the
      	  savers as level AUTO.
      	* plugin.xml.in : ditto.
      2002-11-20  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/sheet-control-gui.c (scg_setup_group_buttons) : The outline
      	  buttons can not take focus.
      	* src/parse-util.c (rangeref_parse) : fix parsing 3d refs.  When
      	  initializing in case the cell is singleton do not over write the sheet
      	  in case it was already parsed as 3d.
      	* src/gui-util.c (gnumeric_dialog_file_selection) : remove magic
      	  directory selector, gtk handles it now and We are already assigning
      	  the path earlier.
      	* src/workbook-view.c (wb_view_save_as) : only change the filename if
      	  the format is changed.
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_set_saveinfo) : remove limitation on file
      	* src/bonobo-io.c (gnumeric_bonobo_read_from_stream) : Use
  29. 04 Nov, 2002 1 commit
  30. 28 Oct, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      don't create names. (global_range_list_parse) : ditto. · f8db707f
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-10-28  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/ranges.c (global_range_parse) : don't create names.
      	(global_range_list_parse) : ditto.
      	* src/gnumeric.h : Bump the max size
      	* src/cell.c (cell_cleanout) : mark the row for respan.
      	* src/func.c (gnm_func_add_placeholder) : init ref_notify to NULL
      	(function_remove) : free the name if necessary.
      	* src/print.c (print_job_info_set_one_time_defaults) : patch warning.
      	* src/cellspan.c (row_calc_spans) : even merges need to be rendered.
      	* src/cell-draw.c (cell_draw) : item-grid takes care of the
      	* src/print-cell.c (print_cell) : ditto.
      	* src/print-cell.c (print_cell_range) : check for render/span _before_
      	* src/item-grid.c (item_grid_draw) : ditto.
  31. 23 Oct, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      Ok. take a 2nd crack at the externsheet handling in area3d and ref3d for · 264f127c
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-10-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-read.c (excel_parse_formula) : Ok. take a 2nd crack at
      	  the externsheet handling in area3d and ref3d for biff7.  It seems
      	  like XL2k generates different idicies when exporting as XL95 than
      	  XL95 did.  So have a fall back.  If the theory that
      	    a+1 == -ixals, a, b are 0 based
      	  fails.  Go back to
      	    a   == ixals, and a, b are 1 based
      2002-10-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-formula-read.c (ms_excel_parse_formula) : improve readability of
      	  debug spew and send thing to stderr.
      	Fix handling of extern names and refrences.  This time I think we've
      	finally got it.
      2002-10-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-read.c : tidy up naming conventions
      	  - Use fprintf to keep g_warning and printfs in sync
      	  - Use esheet for ExcelSheets and ewb for ExcelWorkbooks
      	  - Use Sheet and wb for the gnumeric variants
      	(ms_excel_sheet_new) : check to see if the sheet already exists
      	  in case it was implicitly created in a SUPBOOK or EXTERNSHEET.
      	  This will be useful when we start restoring external links shortly.
      	(ms_excel_workbook_attach) : delete.
      	(ms_excel_workbook_detach) : delete.
      	(ms_excel_sheet_destroy) : clear out the sheet local extensheet
      	  records for biff5.
      	(excel_read_BOUNDSHEET) : use ms_excel_sheet_new.
      	(excel_externsheet_v8) : rewrite to handle self ref.  Only partially
      	(supbook_get_sheet) : ditto.
      	(excel_read_EXTERNSHEET_v8) : ditto.
      	(excel_externsheet_v7) : fix to use local externsheets.
      	(excel_read_EXTERNSHEET_v7) : rewrite and prep for external
      	(excel_workbook_get_name) : work around 'self ref' records for biff8.
      	(excel_parse_name) : work on scoping.  works for biff7 not biff8.
      	(ms_excel_handle_delayed_NAMEs) : delete.  the externsheet records are
      	(excel_read_EXTERNNAME) : builtin names are just short forms for
      	  names, they have special meanings to XL but no special behavior.
      	(excel_read_NAME) : ditto.  Use the new externsheet setup and drop all
      	  of the delayed parsing goo.
      	(excel_read_XCT) : new.  prep for external references.
      	(excel_read_CALCMODE) : new.  now that we support manual recalc.
      2002-10-17  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-read.c (ms_excel_parse_NAME) : It looks like some
      	  builtinnames are just names, no definitions. eg 'Database'
      	  It also looks like these sheet_indexes apply to externsheet records
      	  for <= biff7 (see pivot.xls) rather than boundsheets.
      2002-10-23  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_foreach_cell_in_range) : fix.
      	* src/position.c (rangeref_normalize) : fix.
      	* src/validation.c (validation_eval) : don't unref the val expr too
      2002-10-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/gui-file.c (gui_file_read) : handle workbooks with no sheets.
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c (wbcg_focus_cur_scg) : ditto.
      	(show_gui) : ditto.
      2002-10-21  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/rendered-value.h : don't use short for width.
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_set_placeholder) : new.
      	(workbook_is_placeholder) : ditto.
      	* src/gui-util.c (cb_parent_mapped) : new utility.
      	(gnumeric_set_transient) : handle the case where we are a transient
      	  child of an unmapped parent.
      	* src/expr.c (gnm_expr_equal) : name comparison should take scoping
      	  into account too.
      	(do_expr_as_string) : and here.
      	(ets_hash) : use the name itself as a hash key.
      	* src/expr-name.c (expr_name_add) : return a copy of the error
      	  message.  And ensure that all NULL returns generate errors.
      	(expr_name_new) : make this static and internal.
      	(name_print_area) : delete.
      	* src/dependent.c (workbook_unlink_3d_dep) : during destruction the
      	  order hash may be gone.  This happens with names that contain 3d
      2002-10-17  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/plugin-service.c (gnum_plugin_file_opener_open) : store the save
      	  info before we load so that the file name is valid.
  32. 12 Oct, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      jump to the new interface. · dc2319e8
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-10-12  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/func-builtin.c (func_builtin_init) : jump to the new interface.
      	* src/func.h : some renaming and api cleanup.
      	  The big one was
      	  Some extension of that structure to add additional fields (at the
      	  end) and api changes to use it pervasively.  This includes
      	  placeholders for function flags, and implementation and testing
      	  Some general cleanup with
      	  remove function_add_args vs function_add_nodes and replace them with
      	  a GnmFuncDescriptor based gnm_func_add
      2002-10-12  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/cellspan.c (row_calc_spans) : some simple optimizations
      	  to prune the length we check based on col/row maxima and sparseness.
      	  This can be significantly faster when we add per row maxima.
      	* src/symbol.c (symbol_install) : use g_warning and table_replace in
      	  case of a collison.
      	* src/format.c (format_number) : Make utf8 clean
      	* src/sheet-control-gui.c (scg_set_panes) : more initial work on
      	  supporting h/v only freezing.
      2002-10-11  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/libgnumeric.c (gnm_dump_func_defs) : add a flag to indicate
      	  dumping def or status
      	* src/func.c (function_dump_defs) : ditto.
      	* src/main-application.c (main) : add --func-state-dump
  33. 08 Oct, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      support named expressions. (oo_cell_start) : support merged ranges. · 80a73121
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* openoffice-read.c (oo_named_expr) : support named expressions.
      	(oo_cell_start) : support merged ranges.
      2002-10-08  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/parser.y (parser_lookup_name) : default the placeholder to be at
      	  workbook scope.
      	* src/cellspan.c (row_calc_spans) : new.
      	* src/dependent.c (cell_eval_content) : flag the row as needing
      	  respan.  I'll probably want to distinguish between span and render
      	* src/sheet.c (sheet_update_only_grid) : test a new idea for doing
      	  just in time spanning.  It does not support a true model view split
      	  of the rendering.  However, it does delay the render & span until
      	  the row is visible, and as a result it is feasible to support
      	  spanning expressions.  The key is to flag the row as needing
      	  respanning then doing the entire row in the redraw loop.
      	* src/item-grid.c (item_grid_draw) : do a span recalc if necessary
      	* src/print-cell.c (print_cell_range) : ditto.
      	* src/workbook.c (workbook_init) : fix warning.
      	* src/parser.y (parser_lookup_name) : remove implicit conversion of
      	  unquoted strings that are not names into string values.  Replace it
      	  with the creation of a placeholder name.  This is useful for parsing
      	  expressions before a name has been declared.
      	* src/cell.c (cell_set_value) : fix docs.
  34. 04 Oct, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      ahhh, I understand now. names with expr_len == 0 represent the · 1c9758c2
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-10-04  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* ms-excel-read.c (ms_excel_parse_NAME) : ahhh, I understand now.
      	  names with expr_len == 0 represent the placeholders used for unknown
      2002-10-04  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* dialog-define-names.c : port to TreeView.
      	* dialog-analysis-tools.c : Use the control from the state rather than
      	  the tool.
      2002-10-04  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/workbook-control.c (wb_control_parse_and_jump) : use the new
      	  undo support and handle assigning to a placeholder.
      	* src/gnumeric-canvas.h : Clean up the naming convention to use
      	  GnmCanvas in all locations.
      	* src/expr-name.c (expr_name_add) : its ok if the expr is NULL create
      	  a placeholder.
      	(expr_name_is_placeholder) : new.
      	* src/commands.c (CmdChangeSummary) : this has no business being
      	  control specific.
      	(CmdPrintSetup) : ditto.
      	(CmdDefineName) : new.
      	* src/command-context.c (gnumeric_error_calc) : new.
      	(gnm_error_calc) : new.
      2002-10-03  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/format.c (format_get_currency) : convert locale's currency
      	  symbol to utf8.
      	(gnumeric_setlocale) : clear the cache currency symbol.
      2002-10-03  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/expr.c (gnm_expr_is_err) : new util.
  35. 19 Jul, 2002 1 commit
    • Jody Goldberg's avatar
      take some eval flags to see if we can support implicit iteration. ditto. · 4e60546c
      Jody Goldberg authored
      2002-07-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/expr.c (gnm_expr_extract_ref) : take some eval flags to see if
      	  we can support implicit iteration.
      	* src/func.c (function_call_with_list) : ditto.
      2002-07-18  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/hlink.c : write url and internal link support.
      2002-07-16  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/cellspan.c (cell_calc_span) : center across selection can force
      	  a span for something that would wrap.
      	* src/workbook-control-gui.c (wbcg_error_error_info) : add 150% as a
      	  std zoom level.
      2002-07-15  Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>
      	* src/func.h : add status info to the func def for easy update