Commit fa1ecf52 authored by Morten Welinder's avatar Morten Welinder

Introspection update

parent d18c8609
......@@ -587,9 +587,15 @@ filter_row:
* @fun: (scope call): function to evaluate on filtered data
* @err: error value in case @fun fails.
* @ep: evaluation position
* @flags:
* @flags: #CollectFlags flags describing the collection and interpretation
* of values from @data.
* This implements a Gnumeric sheet database function of the "*IFS" type
* This function collects the arguments and uses @fun to do
* the actual computation.
* Returns: (transfer full): Function result or error value.
GnmValue *
gnm_ifs_func (GPtrArray *data, GPtrArray *crits, GnmValue const *vals,
float_range_function_t fun, GnmStdError err,
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